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  • 31/03/2020 19:45
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Appeal of the Medical University "REAVIZ" on the situation in connection with the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic and on restrictive measures in Europe and the world.

Appeal of the Medical University "REAVIZ"
on the situation in connection with the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic and on restrictive measures in Europe and the world.

Colleagues, Brothers and Sisters, Friends!

We express our solidarity to the doctors, sisters and all personnel ensuring the efficiency of medical institutions!

Special thanks to the doctors, resuscitators, doctors and sisters of intensive care units, all the doctors for their dedicated work!

Europe is taking unprecedented measures, the army and the police, firefighters and volunteers, are involved in the fight against the epidemic. We express our support to all who honestly confront the threat of the spread of the disease! The governments of European countries, the European Parliament and the European MPs have approved emergency packages to counteract the spread of the disease, and there are financial injections into the economy. Europe confronts the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that all measures will strengthen, not weaken, our resolve and expand our capabilities in the fight against infection.

We urge everyone not to panic, not to give in to frivolity, to show solidarity and responsibility!

Never before is the old and new world: Europe and America have not taken such widespread observational and quarantine measures in peacetime as they have now taken. The countries of Africa, Asia and Australia have introduced or are introducing emergency measures to counteract the coronavirus infection called COVID-19.

The threat of the spread of the virus and a new disease that arose in China just 3 months ago was underestimated. Dangerous pathogenicity, virulence, high contagiousness of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, complications caused by it, and adult mortality have been identified by Chinese doctors. Thanks to their experience and selfless work, the world escaped the worst case scenario - a bacteriological disaster of enormous scale and speed. It is important that experience and knowledge about the enemy virus is gained. This led to the fact that the World Health Organization announced a pandemic of a viral infection, ranking it as a particularly dangerous infection.

The world was not ready for such a situation! People neglected the danger, did not follow the recommendations of doctors, contacted each other, transmitting the infection. The work of institutions of food, entertainment, tourism, transport was not stopped, people massively took to the streets, to parks. The basic anti-epidemic principle of sanitary medicine, the Quarantine principle, was violated. The main principle and the main one is the suppression of contacts between infected and healthy people, which can stop the infection, stop the pandemic, stop the victims.

Now in Europe there are new infectious foci in which the epidemics in Italy and Spain are close to catastrophic.

Tens and hundreds of thousands of cases, tens of thousands of deaths, the height of the epidemic!

People - realize the danger!

Stay home! The world needs to unite and jointly stop the infection.

Stay home! “If you do not protect yourself, you do not protect your loved ones!”

Stay home! Hear the doctors and doctors working to the limit in crowded hospitals: “If you want to help us, you need to stay at home and limit contacts with other people, limit meetings with friends and relatives!”

Stay home! Time to learn the lessons already taught by such a bitter experience of a pandemic. We will redouble our efforts and we will fight together, as much as we have forces until the spread of the disease on our Earth is completely stopped.

Stay home! Trust doctors, medics, police, army, and firefighters. Let them fulfill their professional duties.

Stay home! Follow the recommendations of sanitary and anti-epidemic services. Wear personal protective equipment, wash your hands, and disinfect the surfaces you come in contact with.

Stay home! Fight the infection for your outbreak and family by eliminating or minimizing external contacts.

Stay home! Remember that only truly free people and free peoples can make their voluntary choice in favor of quarantine and self-isolation.

Stay home! And we are sure that the world and humanity will win infection in this fight!

Stay home!  The Lord will keep you all& Got with us!

Prof. Dr. Vadim Shanin MD, PhD

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