History of The REAVIZ Medical University

The REAVIZ Medical University ("Rehabilitation Physician and Health") was organized in 1993 on the initiative of Samara State Medical University (which was founded in 1919) with participation of Academicians A. Krasnov, G. Kotelnikov and Professor I.Balmasova.

2000:  MU REAVIZ establishes its own diagnostic and treatment center.

2012: MU REAVIZ opens its branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg and authorized office in Burgas, Bulgaria. .

MU REAVIZ today is a modern multi-level system of training and teaching students and postgraduates that gives higher medical and pharmaceutical education and provides broad opportunities for quality study.

Medical University REAVIZ continues the tradition of Russian medical science and education, combining modern teaching methods with the latest advances in clinical medicine. MU REAVIZ trains more than 7,500 students on five educational areas. The University has a high social and international recognition. It has 3 branches (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov) and an authorized office in Burgas, Bulgaria .

The emblem of the University is inscribed the abbreviation "REAVIZ " which means "Rehabilitation, Physician and Health". A sail with medical emblem shown in the left part of the emblem symbolizes the desire to science and knowledge and emphasizes the close relationship of practical medicine and deep understanding of the theory. The blue color of the emblem’s elements reflects the fact that the Medical University "REAVIZ" is on the great Russian river Volga bank.